Order by 08 8379 3898

 Dining time limits 
2 people ~ 1.5 hours
3+ people  ~ 2 hours 
7+ people ~ 2.5 hours (share menu required)


we do not take table seating preferences
all patrons are important to us, so please do not include any requests on your booking notes.


There is a 15% surcharge on public holidays
late cancellation within 24 hours will incur a fee of $40 per person for groups who have booked a table of 6 or more


are we Booked out?

 due to limited capacity, it may be difficult to find a time available
send us an email and let us work out an available time with you with a shorter dining time

What to know before you go…


our food features great australian produce with rich vietnamese flavours.
a modern take, however, all familiar flavours to the noi family.
whether it is a modern play on brussel sprouts + fish sauce, or lamb ribs + mint.

we can assure you,  it will all be delicious!


Due to kitchen service capacity, we require groups of 7 adults or more to have a share menu. We do not make any exceptions. While catering to multiple groups, this allows our kitchen to serve everyone in a timely manner with dishes which compliment and balance each other.

NOI Banquet Set Menu ~ $58 per person
FEED ME  Menu ~ $62 per person  (cater  to dietary requirements)

Credit card details are taken to secure your booking. In the case of late cancellation (within 24 hours) or no show, a fee of $40 per person will be charged

SEATING Duration

Seating times have been introduced.
Bookings are available between 5:00 pm – 6:15pm with a time restriction depending on the number of people booked in.

2 people ~ 1.5 hours
3+ people ~ 2 hours

Alternatively, you can book in at 7:30 – 8:30 pm for a longer stay.

We ask for your understanding and stress the importance of arriving on time and maximizing your time with us.



there are set booking times and your table will be re-booked after your seating time expires.
we are unable to offer any extensions on your time regardless of late arrival.


we have carparking spaces available on site
there is also ample street parking available